Our story

Ask a group of adults how they feel on a daily basis. Do they feel energized, healthy and at their best? The common answer will be “no”. So many people struggle with low energy levels, poor sleep, low mood, digestive issues, skin woes and generally feeling a little worse for wear. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to nutrient deficiencies.

High levels of stress, mounting responsibilities and busy lifestyles can take a toll on the modern diet. Fresh, nutrient-dense foods are eaten less frequently, sparking the need for nutrient boosters in the form of dietary supplements. It’s important to keep our nutrient levels strong and healthy so we can avoid the long-term effects of deficiencies and their symptoms later in life, such as inflammation and subsequent disease.

By nourishing our bodies properly today, we can foster a strong system to carry us into the future. Proper nutrition with the help of high-quality dietary supplements will open the doors to stable moods, tough immune systems, bubbling energy levels, healthy skin, well-functioning organs, and strong bones.

How can we at SANUSq Liposomal help?

The team at SANUSq Liposomal  are dedicated to providing effective dietary supplements so you can stay on top of your dietary requirements for a healthy and energized life. We have worked hard to create a catalogue of non-GMO supplements with the highest-quality ingredients.

Our general philosophy behind our work and products is this: it’s better to take extra care of your dietary requirements now, rather than dealing with the consequences of deficiencies later in life when the damage is already done. By prioritizing proper nutrition, you are building a foundation of health, energy and defense. The result? A healthy, energetic life and a long future with fewer health issues, aches, pains and medication.

We love to continue learning and exploring the world of health, nutrition and nutrient deficiencies. We believe that before you can make changes to your lifestyle, you must first understand why. Our blog is filled with trustworthy research from reputable sources so you can learn about various nutrients, deficiencies and general wellness tips. If you’re curious about the effects of nutrient deficiencies, stress, inflammation and lack of sleep (to name a few topics), keep up with our blog.

We understand that great health and nutrition choices are often dependent on perception and attitude. We want to help our customers see that a healthy life isn’t as hard, expensive or time-consuming as it may seem! We are here to show you how to give your body the nourishment it needs now, so you can look ahead to a long and healthy future. No fuss, no stress, no exorbitant costs, just high-quality nutrients.

Products and brands

SANUS-q brand

SANUS-q brand supplements are created using liposomal technology. We have formulated a collection of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant supplements which offer superior effectiveness as well as simplicity and ease of use. We focus on supplements which promote balance, strong immunity, stress support and reduced inflammation in the body. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking healthier skin, stronger bones, reduced muscle pain or increased energy. SANUS-q brand also offers organic medicinal herbs (Jiaogulan, Graviola and Sacha Inchi) and mushrooms (Reishi) carefully sourced and packaged for freshness.

Bonne Sante Liposome brand

We will help you get the very best out of your supplements, so you can truly feel the benefits. The Bonne Sante Liposome brand also offers dietary supplements in liposomal form, the most effective nutrient delivery technology. Nutrients are kept safely in protective liposomal spheres until they are released into the cells, without becoming degraded by stomach acids and other factors within the body. For the highest nutrient bioavailability and effective absorption, opt for Bonne Sante Liposome brand Liposomal supplements.

The main differences between the two brands

The main differences between the two brands is that the SANUS-q brand uses liposomes produced from non-GMO sunflower oil and the Bonne Sante Liposome brand uses liposomes produced from non-GMO Soy. The SANUS-q brand is manufactured in the United States and the Bonne Sante Liposome brand is manufactured in Europe.

Regarding some of the individual products please refer below, refer to the individual product pages, or send us an email.

Liposomal Vitamin C with Glutathione

  • SANUS-q brand has 30 servings per bottle and the Bonne Sante Liposome brand has 25 servings per bottle.
  • SANUS-q brand has 1000mg of Vitamin C and 30mg of Glutathione per serving, whereas the Bonne Sante Liposome brand has 1000mg of Vitamin C and 60mg of Glutathione per serving.

Liposomal CoQ10

Both products contain 200 mg Co-enzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) per serving. There are 30 servings per bottle.

Liposomal Curcumin

  • SANUS-q brand has Curcuminoids (Turmeric root) 200 mg and Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed root) 75 mg per serving. There are 30 servings per bottle.
  • Bonne Sante Liposome brand contains 170 mg Curcumin C3 complex® (95% curcuminoids extract from Curcuma longa) per serving. There are 30 servings per bottle.

Product ingredients can be found on the product pages.