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Graviola leaf powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg | SANUS-q
Graviola leaf powdered (vegetable) capsules - 500 mg | SANUS-q

Graviola leaf powdered (vegetable) capsules – 500 mg

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Graviola leaf powdered (vegetable) capsules – 500 mg

The Graviola plant is also known as Soursop, Brazilian Pawpaw, Custard Apple and Annona Muricata. The Graviola tree can be found in South America, Australia and Africa, where climates are warm and tropical.

The Graviola plant (all parts, including the fruit, bark and seeds) contains potent levels of vitamins such as C, B1 and B2. It also contains magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium. The most important, (yet the least commonly recognized) component of graviola is a chemical called acetogenin. Acetogenins can find cancer cells, destroy them and stop them from multiplying. Certain common cancer treatments can’t stand up to the effectiveness of acetogenin found in the graviola plant.

The high content of C and B vitamins means Graviola is a great supporter of energy levels, even during stressful times. It also means that Graviola is a fantastic supplement to take for strong immunity against infection and illness. Other notable benefits of the Graviola plant are its positive effect on mental health, sleep health, pain management and inflammation reduction. We at SANUS-q use 100% organic, pure graviola leaf in vegetable capsules.

Benefits of Graviola Leaf Powdered Vegetable Capsules:

  • Supports sound, restful sleep
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Promotes a strong and effective immune system
  • Helps the body to adapt to stress
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Reduces the growth of cancer cells and combats existing cancer cells
  • Helps with cancer treatment without side effects

Precautions and warnings

Graviola leaf capsules and other Graviola supplements are not recommended if you:

1. Are pregnant or breastfeeding
2. Have low blood pressure
3. Are suffering from kidney or liver disease
4. Have Parkinson’s or are at a risk of developing the disease
5. Are taking CoQ10 supplements

Graviola supplements are also not recommended for long term use.

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